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The fruits and vegetables reaching most of the households in India are either through local markets or through street vendors; these ways make the produce highly susceptible to contamination by pathogens (novel corona virus) which may enter the supply at any stage. The conventional methods of storing fruits and vegetables do not shield against a thing as powerful and dangerous as this virus.

A major breakthrough is provided by Preservator / 'Sabjikothi’, a one- of- its- kind solution concepted and developed by Saptkrishi Scientific Pvt. Ltd. It is a low-cost, microclimate based, storage cum transportation solution for extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables ranging from 7 to 30 days. The product runs on 20 watts of power and 1 litre of water per day, and can transport up to 300 kg of horticultural produce without needing any further maintenance.

The microclimate created for extending the shelf-life also decreases the pathogenic load of fruits and vegetables, and the high-end technology has the potential to kill even Corona-virus and make the fruits and vegetables safe for consumption.

This innovative product, therefore, reduces the possible chances of contamination of fruits and vegetables from pathogens, dust, pollens, etc in the entire supply chain, both during transportation and in the open market.

The chain of supply for produce, beginning from farmers plucking the fruits and vegetables and then transporting them to local markets or directly selling to people's houses is a fairly long one. The continuous and inevitable exposure of the produce to external and potentially contaminated environment in this duration poses a serious threat.

In time of crisis, this product is especially a boon for small farmers and door-to-door vendors, who can assure the safety of their products to the customers and thus curb the problem of decrease in demand and reduced consumption due to food safety issues.

Through this product, Saptkrishi Scientific Pvt. Ltd., a young Agri-Tech start-up incubated at IIT Kanpur, aims at providing affordable technology directly to individual farmers, cooperatives, and traders to ensure better post-harvest outcomes and increasing the income of even marginal farmers and traders.